Thursday, February 25, 2010

All is well in the deep south.

Sorry I haven't had time to post for a while, but the job of principal bass in a busy city orchestra can be quite demanding of one's time. We're just back from a tour of the South Island. I like playing in smaller centers, but I also always enjoy a trip up to Christchurch. Other bass players often ask me for a lesson after they've heard me play. There's a guy in Wellington called Rich who I often help out. I should really start charging him, I'm just too generous a soul really!
Well, must be off. We're playing in the town hall tonight. Today's rehearsal will be there as well. I love the acoustics of that building!


  1. It's about time someone gave that Rich guy some lessons. He often wakes me up at 6am, with his terrible bass playing!

    I think i might call sound control next time..

    Maybe he should just give up on double bass? Maybe he should try something new, like drums?

    Or he should at least listen to some more inspiring music. Maybe he could start with this band:

    They're quite good.

  2. Meechman,
    Whoever you are, that video was silly. Well, you are righ about Rich and his bass playing. Are you a drummer? We have a couple of percussionists in the sinfonia. Basically they sit around and hit things occasionally. You should come to Dunedin and hear them. Well, maybe not, all triangles and snare drums sound the same.
    Thanks for popping into my site.
    Dave Shaw