Saturday, February 6, 2010

On Bass Camp.

Southern people will have no problem spotting yours truly in this photo taken at bass camp in Martinborough. That's Rich third from the right at the back. He looks tired. Probably because he didn't play that well. He played at a master class but played a sort of jiggy piece; not entirely appropriate, I felt. Hiroshi (second from right), the principal bassist from the NZSO, was nice to him afterwards. I think that's called pity.
On the way back to the ferry I popped in at Rich's. I thought he'd gone to Russia, but all the lights were on at his house. I knocked at the door but no one answered. I was sure I heard voices. Probably just burglars.
Well, I'm home now and looking forward to some meaty orchestral playing. It was interesting working with Hiroshi and others from the NZSO. I could have given them some advice at times, but didn't want to come across as a 'know it all'. That's just my way, I'm a humble guy.


  1. Rich,
    Are you writing from Russia? I like your subtle sense of humour, old 'dick' buddy. I hope you're getting some practice done. Did you learn anything at bass camp?
    Dave Shaw

  2. Dear Dave,
    Where abouts in the South Island do you live? I suspect it is Gore? Am I right? Maybe Balclutha?

    You don't know me, but I wanted to give you a word of advice. Be gentle on Richard. I have found this works best, and now I only say kind things about him on my blog. Also, this is not a good time, he has 45 weeks until his next summer holiday. He won't have a lot of spare time to hone his bass playing skills.

    How do you earn a living Dave? Do you work as hard as Richard? Why are you so mean? Is it because Richard has got it all- a wonderful wife, kids and a successful career?

  3. Nicola,
    I'm only trying to help Rich. No, I don't live in Gore and never would, as I'm not a fan of country music. I live in Dunedin.
    I find your comment, above, a little provocative. Do you know Rich well? Is he an uncle or something? I don't think I'd go onto your blog, if you have one, and write something like that. This is really a blog for professional musicians, not people pushing some weird "let's be nice to Rich" cause. Maybe you belong on Facebook or some other gossip site.
    Dave Shaw