Saturday, March 13, 2010

Always busy, always planning.

Just thought that I'd better take a little time from my busy schedule to update this blog. The Sinfonia has been quite busy lately, we did a New Zealand Composers' concert, a Mozart spectacular and some Beethoven piano concertos all in the span of about three weeks. I'm thinking about performing some solo bass pieces, with my pianist friend, and might venture into the North Island. I guess I could always stay with my friend Rich while I am in Wellington. I could pay with bass lessons. If any of you devoted readers live further north (than me), I could offer the same deal for accomodation. Just leave a comment on my blog if you're interested in taking me up on this generous offer.
God bless.


  1. You The The could stay The The at my place in Palmerston North.
    The The The Guy

  2. Thanks The The The Guy, but no thanks.
    You sound too much like a weirdo.
    Dave Shaw

  3. You coming North is enough to make a person want to emigrate.