Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Coming from the south.

The life of a professional musician is a busy one. Even though today is a quiet day, I'm still practising Bach.
Well the Southern Symphonia has wrapped up another busy year.
I'm thinking of popping up to Nuova Lazio and staying with Richard over Christmas. That would mean that I could give him a bass lesson or two. Normal rates would apply.
I think I could really help him with his bowing technique (somebody needs to). In return he can supply food and accomodation.
I won't be visiting The Curmudgeon this time around because he's making it too hard with guest toilet requirements.

In fact, I'd advise any guests to use the facilities at the nearest holiday park. It's probably only a short drive.
Next time I write it will probably be from Nuova Lazio and I'll update you on Richard's bass playing problems. Maybe he'd be wise to concentrate on violin?

There again, a fretted instrument might be easier for him.