Friday, December 21, 2012

Southern Update.

Well the Southern Symphonia has wrapped up a busy year. Among this year's concerts were Gilbert and Sullivan, Giselle, Tales of Ice & Fire and the Enigma Variations.
I'm now looking forward to a bit of a break.
I've heard a rumour that Richard (of RBB) is heading down this way to play at the Whare Flat Folk Festival. He'd be wise to give me a call about me giving him a lesson or two while he's down.
I found this picture of his trio on the website for the folk festival.
Richard (of RBB) doesn't look too happy. Maybe a lesson or two with me could help?
It's interesting that Richard (of RBB) is wearing a hat. Is he going bald? Come to think of it, they're all wearing hats. Maybe it was just a cold day?
Anyway, must be off and run a few scales. A good double bassist keeps his chops up during the holiday period.

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  1. I hope to hear about you two getting together in Dunedin. Bass sparks may fly!