Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coming to you from the deep south.

I've noticed that Richard's Bass Bag 2 doesn't get many comments. Is he more interesting when he writes on Richard's Bass Bag and Richard's Bass Bag 3? I think not. Anyway, most of you probably don't care.
Bass Camp 10 is getting close and I'll soon be driving up north. I prefer to drive when I have to take my bass, I don't enjoy the stress of getting it onto aeroplanes. The orchestral parts they sent are easy, along with The Elephant, which is a grade 5 piece (Royal Schools). I'd love to be a fly on Richard's wall! He'll be panicking that he might have to play The Elephant in front of younger but better players. Poor old man!
I'll try to update this blog while I'm away; anyway, I'll have to give you the lowdown on Bass Camp.

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